Investment Philosophy


We are traditional investors with global interests. Research is of paramount importance, with emphasis placed on fundamental analysis and value. We also use technical analysis to assist in identifying bond and stock market trends as well as trends for individual stocks.


Comprehensive reports are provided to our clients on a quarterly basis, with additional reports provided upon request. Clients also receive monthly statements from the custodian. Please see GLOBAL CUSTODY for an explanation of our relationship with Fiduciary Trust.

We have state-of-the-art reporting capabilities that enable us to review our clients’ accounts at any time and to deliver a wide array of extensive reports on demand. These reports provide transactions, asset holdings and valuations as of the previous night’s close of business. The reporting can be offered in a multi-currency format.

Taxable clients are furnished with all relevant information for tax planning purposes upon request, during the year, and shortly after the first of the new year for filing purposes.


Hamilton Advisors was incorporated in Connecticut in 1980 and is wholly independent of any stock brokerage firm, bank, other financial institution or other party.


Preservation of Capital with a Realistic Total Return for our clients is our primary objective.

As telecommunications and computers relentlessly shrink the size of the globe, we look upon global markets as having a rapidly growing influence on our domestic stock and bond markets. Inflation, competitiveness, politics and economic policies no longer respect domestic boundaries, and capabilities to react to international events cannot only reduce investment risks, but enhance investment opportunities as well. We are pleased to be able to offer expertise and experience in both domestic and international investing.

We invite your inquiries and will gladly provide additional information and fee schedules upon request. Please visit our contact page.